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Designed to help students taking psychology tests and those preparing for the AP or GRE Psychology test. The Psychology Test Prep app from the web’s most popular academic psychology podcast: The Psych Files.

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Psyc Test Hero Informational Video!

Take a look at what the Psyc Test Hero app can do. There's nothing like it and if you're studying for a psyc test I think you're going to find it very useful.

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Concept Maps with Audio Definitions!

  • Use the concept maps to quickly see how the terms are related to each other.
  • Tap a key term node on the map and hear a brief audio definition - often with examples.
  • 197 of the Most Frequently Appearing Psyc Terms
  • These are the key terms that you are almost guaranteed to see on your test.

Practice Quizes!

  • Use the practice quizzes to see if you really understand these key terms.
  • Immediate feedback provided.

Images and Mnemonics

  • Sprinkled throughout Psyc Test Hero are images and mnemonics to further help you on your test.


You'll find Psyc Test Hero immediately helpful, but more is on the way:

  • More topics (Developmental, Social, Cognitive, Sensation & Perception and more!)
  • More examples - concrete examples to help solidifiy the meaning of the terms in your head
  • More Images and Mnemonics

Questions? Feedback?

Feel free to email Michael Britt at:
michael [at] thepsychfiles dot com